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Bump Williams & Jeff Nowicki

Known throughout the beverage alcohol industry, Bump Williams and Jeff Nowicki have worked with many beer, wine & spirits producers, retailers, and distributors over many years.  They have helped numerous companies understand the marketplace and their consumers, find opportunities, analyze their business.

Bump and Jeff are frequent speakers at industry conferences, as well as sought after contributors for publications and articles.


Bump Williams Consulting

Our Experience


With decades of industry experience, we have dealt with all aspects of brand sales, marketing, and analysis to increase sales and expand portfolios.  In addition, we have a large network of resources and partners to utilize additional expertise if needed.

Our Approach


Our services include personalized consultations to discuss your business issues and goals.  We provide a variety of approaches from scorecarding performance, forecasting, expansion, to industry trends and insights.

Why Us?


We provide insights, assistance, and data-based recommendations to help our clients grow their businesses.  Bump Williams Consulting values our relationships, and we strive to achieve results in the most cost and time effective ways possible.

Business Challenges & Opportunities

Managing your business

Do you monitor your performance in the marketplace?  Is your sales force effective?  Are your products optimally priced?

Getting on the shelf

Trouble convincing retailers or distributors to carry your products?  Is your product achieving maximum distribution and merchandising?   

Knowing your consumer

Do you understand who is buying your product?  Who is driving the category?  Where consumers are shopping?

Expanding to new markets

Should you expand your footprint?  Where should you begin?  How did competitors fare?

Adding new product lines

Should you add a new style or flavor?  Expand into cans?  Add a new size or package type?

Considering a merger or acquisition

Should you acquire a brand?  Are you trying to determine if you should sell your business?

What can BWC do for you?

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Business Scorecards


An overview into vendor/brand/SKU performance and trends across core markets in relation to top competitors.  Scorecards can be used to easily highlight strengths to key retailers.  Results can be used to command priority when competing for limited shelf space.

Price Point Assessments


Isolate the sales trends across various price tiers and identify where the source of sales gain/loss is coming from.  This can also be used to identify price thresholds and be used to create a pricing strategy across new and existing SKUs.

Pre & Post Promotion Assessments


Assess the effectiveness of a promotional event in a specific market or retailer.  The results can be shared with retailers to showcase the benefits that the promotional campaign can bring to a brand(s) and encourage future participation.

New Market Evaluations


Evaluate markets targeted for expansion by analyzing the current sales trends and health of segment/brand leaders. Emerging trends and growth areas are then compared with the target vendor portfolio to identify overlap and gaps.

Short-term Forecasts


Assess the forecasted potential for a target vendor’s volume sales over existing markets to achieve specific sales milestones over a specified time period.  Forecasts can be used to help short-term goal planning through distribution growth.

Long-term Forecasts


Assess the forecasted potential for a target vendor’s volume sales over an extended period of time while using historical sales data to control for outliers and assumptions. Forecasts can be used to identify long-term potential based on historical performance.